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Posted by Matthew Campbell on Jun 28, 2021 9:00:00 AM
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Discover Battery recently join the Charged by Delta-Q program, so we reached out to them to ask a few questions about them and this program. 


What makes Delta-Q stand apart as a charger manufacturer?

Delta-Q designs and manufactures products that are not only innovative, robust, reliable and safe, but we also make sure we go above and beyond to provide value to our prospective and current customer base. We do this by being creative, nimble, and flexible to their needs. We like to consider ourselves a partner to the customer, not a supplier.


What industries does Delta-Q cater to?

At Delta-Q’s core, we cater to industries that align with the industrial and commercial markets. Due to our ability to be flexible, we can transcend our technologies to other markets and industries that coincide with our design principles and require our technology.


Why did Delta-Q create the Charged by Delta-Q program?

Delta-Q created the Charged by Delta-Q program in conjunction with our value proposition to our customers. As a trusted partner to our customers, we want to ensure that we are introducing proven suppliers and products that coincide and work optimally with the Delta-Q chargers. The intent is to maximize the offerings to the customer so that they can design their application with lower risks, which will equate to a better return on investment.


What chargers are featured in the Charged by Delta-Q program?

The Charged by Delta-Q program encompasses all of our charger offerings as the charger compatibility varies depending on the battery partner involved. We want to make this program inclusive of all of Delta-Q’s charger offerings as it provides flexibility to our customers.


What are the key benefits OEMs will get by working with Delta-Q and Discover Battery in the Charged by Delta-Q program? 

One of the major benefits that OEMs will receive by working with the “Charged by Delta-Q” program will be the ability to integrate a validated solution without even having to question whether the components are compatible with each other. Another key benefit will be the marketing insights the program will bring in the key market areas of focus. Lastly, it will also provide the latest technology trends applicable to the OEMs.


What market trends are Delta-Q most excited about, and what is the company doing to help OEMs?

The most exciting market trend is the move to reduce the global carbon footprint in many market verticals, from ICE to electrification. This trend will propel innovation in electrification, and with this, we will continue to look for methods to maximize optimal solutions to our customers.


What is the most interesting project that Delta-Q has worked on recently?

Since Delta-Q has a strong presence in multiple markets, it is hard to specify one single interesting aspect of our operations. What is most exciting for Delta-Q is to broaden our power offerings to enable electrification in markets where electrification is not currently available. We look forward to Charging the Future!

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