Product Notice: Terminal Grease on SLI Batteries

Posted by Matthew Campbell on Jun 10, 2019 3:13:00 PM
Matthew Campbell
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Every so often we receive an inquiry about moisture on and around battery terminals.

All Discover Starting, Lighting and Ignition battery terminals are cleaned and treated with a special Dielectric terminal grease prior to final packaging before shipment. This special battery terminal protector coats and seals battery terminals to prevent corrosion and the resulting premature battery drain that can result in storage. This grease is similar to after market grease that can be purchased at almost any automotive parts store.

So what may look like moisture from battery acid residue around the terminals is actually a special grease we apply to prevent terminal corrosion during shipment and in storage and that also works to protect terminals once installed.

While we take all steps to apply the grease in a manner that keeps it almost invisible it may be more or less visible depending upon the ambient temperature and humidity the battery is exposed to during transport and storage.

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