Discover Battery Launches LITHIUM BLUE Premium Series Batteries

Posted by Matthew Campbell on Jun 3, 2021 4:30:00 AM
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Discover Battery Makes Major Entry into North America Recreational Marine Market with New LITHIUM BLUE LiFePO4 Premium Series Battery Line

Richmond, BC, June 3, 2021Discover Battery, a SOLV4EX company, headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, introduces advanced lithium battery technology to the North American marine industry with its new LITHIUM BLUE LiFePO4 Premium Series batteries. With 70 years of battery technology leadership and a decade in lithium battery innovation across multiple sectors, Discover is well equipped to address boaters seeking the latest energy storage solutions and battery technology for deep-cycle house loads and trolling motor applications.    

“LITHIUM BLUE LiFePO4 batteries feature a proprietary high current Battery Management System (BMS) that manages safety and the lightning-fast charge performance,” said Lee Adams, President, Discover Battery. “The internal cell cradle, robust control board and solid-state relays of the BMS, plus the IP67-rated battery case, make it reliable and durable for boating applications.”

A free battery monitoring app for LITHIUM BLUE is available for iOS devices on the Apple App Store and Android devices on Google Play. The LITHIUM BLUE Battery Monitor app provides boaters real-time Bluetoothâ access to; battery state of charge, voltage, operating current, temperature and diagnostic details.


“While lithium batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries to purchase initially, they deliver a lower total ownership cost,” says Adams. “It takes two lead-acid batteries to equal the usable capacity of one LITHIUM BLUE, which lasts the same life as up to ten sets of the same lead-acid batteries. Boaters double their initial cost of a lead acid battery to get a lithium battery, however,  they repeat the purchase up to ten times over replacing old batteries to get the same usable capacity of just one top-quality LITHIUM BLUE battery. That is why LITHIUM BLUE is the best choice—it just makes better financial sense.”   


“LITHIUM BLUE batteries are half the weight of lead-acid batteries. They are rugged, feature a built-in suitcase-style carry handle, terminal protection, and a field-serviceable protection fuse,” states Adams.“Another significant benefit is their capability to be paralleled for greater system capacity and longer runtime.” LITHIUM BLUE batteries are available in standard BCI G24 and GC12 sizes in 12-Volt models for deep-cycle boat applications. 12-Volt, 24-Volt and 36-Volt models are available for trolling motor applications.

Significant LITHIUM BLUE benefits include longer life and faster charging.  LITHIUM BLUE charges up to 5x faster than traditional lead-acid batteries and up to 2x faster than standard lithium batteries. For example, a 100 amp charger will charge a 1C rated LITHIUM BLUE battery in just one hour, compared with two hours for a standard C/2 rated lithium battery.

Unlike lead-acid batteries that suffer lost capacity and shorter lifetimes due to Partial-State-of-Charge (PSOC) operation, LITHIUM BLUE batteries are unaffected. Therefore, boaters can charge LITHIUM BLUE batteries at any time without affecting the battery’s capacity or life—a definite advantage over lead-acid batteries. Additionally, a deep-cycle lead-acid battery should only discharge to 50% Depth-of-Discharge (DoD). However, LITHIUM BLUE batteries are dischargeable up to 100% DoD. So in comparison, they will also provide boaters with up two times the runtime—another definite advantage over lead-acid batteries.

According to the BCI-06 test, the Battery Council International’s recommended method for cycle life testing, a lithium battery will last ten times longer than a typical lead-acid battery. The average AGM deep-cycle, lead-acid battery is rated about 400 cycles and only to 50% DoD. In contrast, Discover LITHIUM BLLUE batteries are rated up to 4,000 cycles at 100% DoD.

LITHIUM BLUE batteries are a drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries with quick installation and no need for special tools. They are easy to parallel for even more runtime. Discover recommends having your batteries installed by a professional to ensure proper attention to all aspects of your boat’s electric systems.

LITHIUM BLUE batteries come with a 5-year workmanship warranty and an industry-leading performance guarantee. Typical battery warranties cover a stated number of charging cycles. However, the LITHIUM BLUE battery performance guarantee covers energy throughput as digitally logged by the BMS and is not limited by the number of cycles. Energy throughput is the sum of all energy charged and discharged through the battery in MWh.

Another advantage is the LITHIUM BLUE is manufactured by Discover giving the company direct control over its supply chain. LITHIUM BLUE is not a “white-labeled” generic battery, a common trend among competitive products.


To find your nearest LITHIUM BLUE distributor or dealer, visit the "Contact Sales" page of the website, www.discoverbattery.com.

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