Great Lakes Skuttlebutt at IBEX 2021

Posted by Matthew Campbell on Oct 15, 2021 3:09:40 PM
Matthew Campbell
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Check out our interview with Erik Kyle from Great Lakes Skuttlebutt at IBEX 2021.

Topics: Battery 101, Lithium, Media Coverage


Erik Kyle and Matthew Campbell discuss the new LITHIUM BLUE battery and the benefits of switching to lithium batteries on your boat.

The LITHIUM BLUE battery has many advantages over traditional AGM batteries. 

Lithium-Blue-GIF-Lasts-Longer-220x110email-lasts-longer Lithium-Blue-Runs-Longer-Appliances-220x110email-runs-longer
Lithium-Blue-GIF-Charges-Fasteremail-charges-faster Lithium-Blue-GIF-Lighter-Weight-220x110email-lighter-weight


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