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Discover Battery™: Energy Storage Tubular Gel Batteries

Posted by Matthew Campbell on Feb 24, 2020 11:12:47 AM
Matthew Campbell
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Introducing Discover Energy Storage Tubular Gel batteries or 'OPzV batteries' as they are known as in Europe and other parts of the world. Tubular batteries are ideal for deep cycle applications such as solar off-grid, micro-grid and telecommunication systems where a very high autonomous kWh capacity is required.

Discover Tubular Gel batteries provide ultra-high energy storage capacity and deliver enhanced run time with 80% usable capacity. They have an unrivaled 48-month warranty for renewable energy applications, a 20-year design life, and deliver an impressive extended service life of 2950 cycles to 50% DoD and 1900 cycles to 80% DoD. Discover Tubular Gel battery cells are 2V nominal, maintenance-free and available in sets for 24V and 48V systems with racking and battery interconnect cables included. 

Discover Energy Storage Tubular Gel batteries offer the lowest cost of ownership amongst lead-acid energy storage for solar applications.

For example, over the course of 8 years you would have to replace a typical AGM battery at least once while a tubular gel battery would not need to be replaced. When you factor in the AGM battery replacement costs you can see that the operating cost per cycle is about 30% lower with a Discover Energy Storage Tubular GEL battery. 

Traditional lead-acid batteries with flat plates suffer corrosion due to the larger surface area of their vertical and horizontal grid structure. Unlike a flat-plate battery, a tubular battery features vertical spines that make up the positive plate. The vertical spines improve transport of electrical current and lower voltage losses. Additionally, each spine is enclosed in a tube which holds the active material and provides counter pressure during discharge. This prevents growth and expansion of the positive plate which would otherwise lead to capacity loss.

Positive plate grid growth is a common problem with flat plate lead-acid batteries after years of deep cycle use. Caused by charge and discharge activity, growth of the positive plate will push out the positive terminal pole, cracking the case lid and allowing electrolyte to leak out. To prevent leakage, a Discover Tubular battery features a sliding terminal pole design that safely absorbs movement due to positive plate expansion.

In applications which require very high energy storage capacity, Discover Tubular batteries provide the necessary reliability, performance and long life. Discover Energy Storage Tubular batteries are the best value for the money with a total cost of ownership that is  30% lower than flat plate lead-acid batteries when deep cycle enhanced run time and extended service life is taken into consideration.

To learn more about Discover Energy Storage Tubular GEL batteries, visit discoverbattery.com.


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