AES providing back-up Power to Sheringham Point Lighthouse’s equipment

Posted by Matthew Campbell on Oct 19, 2017 12:27:00 PM
Matthew Campbell
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The Sheringham Point Lighthouse is a staple in Shirley, British Columbia - providing navigation aid since 1912. Discover is proud to be a part of this transformation led by the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society (SPLPS), providing a 6.65kWh AES Lithium battery (42-48-6650) as back-up energy for weather monitoring, whale-listening, and other equipment on-site during power outages.

With the goal of restoring this important piece of history, the SPLPS installed a solar system that comprises a 6 kilo-Watt (kW) solar array. Twenty-four solar panels were installed by Viridian Energy Co-operative that can generate up to 6kW of power (5 hours of sun = 30kWh = daily electricity usage on an average home). As the energy consumption of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse is low, the rest of the energy produced helps to power the community.

Renewable energy is shaping our future by providing a more economical and environmental alternative. Technology continues to advance and costs have become more affordable than in the past, making renewable energy easily accessible even for households. Sheringham Point Lighthouse is more than a Canadian Heritage Lighthouse, it is a stepping stone toward building a sustainable lifestyle in BC and in the world.

Rural Observer's article on the Sheringham Point Lighthouse project can be found here on page 8.

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